Wheelchair Rentals

Knoxville, TN

Are you located in Knoxville, TN, and in need of a wheelchair rental service? Scooter Rentals and Sales has wheelchair rentals to offer and more! Throughout the years, we have been serving our local community with the best quality services at a competitive price.

Look no further than Scooter Rentals and Sales when it comes to getting the best price in wheelchair rentals. We are a company that wants you to enjoy your freedom, no matter the weather or your medical condition. There is nothing Scooter Rentals and Sales loves more than seeing our clients happy with the affordable wheelchair rental services that we offer. We want you to get back to your regular daily activities by getting you quality wheelchair rental services.

Scooter Rentals and Sales is located conveniently near Knoxville, TN. We customize all our wheelchair rental services so that they appeal to each and every client's preferences. We will get you the right wheelchair rental that fits your needs, and our staff will even show you how to use it if need be. Scooter Rentals and Sales also provides handicap transportation, which is available for a day or even weekly. We have scooters, wheelchairs, and more mobility enhancement equipment that will make movement much easier.

Once you step in our stores in Knoxville, TN our professional experienced staff will work hand in hand with you, and you will also notice that we are not just sales people, but we want to get you the best affordable wheelchair rental services that will make your movement easier. Scooter Rentals and Sales is a company that cares about its clients and that is why we will show you how to use any wheelchair or scooter because we are a licensed company that puts your needs first. Our stores are open Monday through Sunday, 10am to 10pm, come in a see how we can be of service to you and your loved ones.